Corona-virus updates


Corona-virus News For Calvary

We want to remind everyone coming for church service on Sunday Morning:

1) We won’t stop anyone from coming, but PLEASE remember that this virus affects the elderly and those with underlying health conditions in a worse way than others.

2) If you don’t fall into those categories, do not get close to those who do. I honestly don’t fear getting the virus, but I do fear that I might be asymptomatic and pass it to someone who will have adverse reactions.

3) We will adhere to social distancing. No one can sit on the back pews in the center section. Too many people would walk too close to you.

4) We will not pass offering plates, but our ushers will stand at the four doors with plates on the way out.

5) We will sit every other pew, at least six feet apart unless you are with your family.

6) Our fellowship time will consist of waving. No handshakes or hugs, please.

7) We will not require masks, but they will be available

8)We will worship the Lord with our church family and prayerfully hear the exact message we need!!
Service starts at 10:30 AM!!!
Calvary friends and family. We continue to be live streaming all services and Sunday School lessons on our public Facebook page @CalvaryBaptistCleburne.

10:30 A.M. – In Person and Live-stream

6 P.M. – Live – Stream

Sunday School – Recorded, Classes will come up throughout the week

Wednesday 7 P.M. – Live – Stream


We are wanting to try to stay connected even through this difficult time. There is some ways we have for y’all to stay connected:

1. Our Church App – Here you can access Live – stream, Giving, Newsletters, and more

Calvary Baptist App (Through Sharefaith )
For Apple (IOS)
A. Go to the App Store and search “The Sharefaith App”
B. Install
C. Open “The Sharefaith App”
D. Search “Calvary Baptist Church”
For Android
A. Go to the “Google Play Store”
B. Search “Calvary Baptist Cleburne”
C. Install

2. Announcements:

Calvary has 4 private Facebook pages that are used for announcements. You must submit a friend request to access these pages.
A. Calvary Baptist Church of Cleburne, TX
B. The Express of Calvary Baptist Church
C. The Crossing Calvary Teens
D. Calvary Singers

3. Prayer Request

Email: or
Call: 817-645-7758

4. Giving

A. Mail: Calvary Baptist Church, 700 Woodard Ave, Cleburne TX 76033
B. In Pearson: M-W 9-3, Th 9-noon

The current restrictions mentioned by the mayor and Governor continue through the end of April. If anything changes, we will let you know.

Thanks for reading, God bless you, and continue to pray for our country!

The church office will still be open and if you have any questions or need to get in contact with us. Please call 817-645-7758