Which Bible Is Your Favorite?


Did you read the title of this article? Does that make you just a little nervous about what I am going to write? Will this be opinionated? Will it be factual? Is Bro. Lee going to try to convince us that there is a better Bible than the King James Version?
Well, let me calm your concerns immediately! I only use one Bible. It is the King James Version. My usage of the KJV is based upon conviction and historical fact. However, this article is NOT about versions of the Bible!
In my lifetime, I have had the privilege of seeing many Bible distributed to people. Some of them I have handed out personally through our children’s program. I have witnessed and been a part of handing out many Bibles to teenagers. I have also seen adults receive their very first Bible during revival meetings, as well as infants during Baby Dedication services. What else is exciting is that there have been many presentations on groups and missionaries who work exclusively on getting Bible into foreign countries which have resulted in literally thousands of Bibles being handed out around the world.
There just is not a Book nearly as special as the Word of God. I was taught this at an early age. I remember when I was in first grade, my family attended church in Richland Hills, TX. I vividly recall trying to see how high in the air I could throw my Bible and impress people with my ability to catch it. Then my dad saw me doing this. I was told sternly to never throw my Bible again. Guess what…I didn’t listen! I threw it up in the air anyway. Guess what…I got in serious trouble!
Thankfully, my dad instilled in me at an early age that there was no other book like the Bible. Even though I was unsaved during my Bible-tossing exhibitions, the lesson was firmly put into my mind that I was to treat the Bible differently as well.
During my lifetime, I have been privileged to receive 3 brand new Bibles that I can remember. The first Bible that I remember being given to me was from my mom. She gave me a John R. Rice study Bible when I was in her Junior Boys and Girls Sunday School class. I was in the sixth grade. I had been saved for over 2 years at this point and I had definitely learned that it was a special occasion to receive a copy of the Word of God. I used that Bible from that point all the way through my Middle School and High School years. It was while studying in that Bible that I fell in love with 2 Timothy 1:8, which says, “Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God.” To this day, that verse remains to be my favorite. I still have this Bible. I still have bookmarks in it from when I went to summer camp. It is very special to me for many reasons, but mostly because I can easily visualize the moment that my mom gave it to me at Sunday School!
The next Bible I received was at a very exciting time of my life…my wedding day! This particular Bible is an Old Scofield Reference Bible. Who gave it to me? You got it…my in-laws! I wasn’t sure if it was a threat or not! Both my mother in-law and father in-law are very faithful to their church and always have been faithful to church no matter where they lived. Inside the front cover, my mother in-law wrote these words – “To our new son – This is your regulation Book for caring for our daughter. Use it well! Remember, this Book will keep you from sin, and sin will keep you from this Book.” Those were sobering words to read just before I married their daughter. Let me say, I have never forgotten that, and I love to flip to the front cover and read those words as a reminder from time to time. It has been a commitment of mine to treat Karrie according to what the Bible says, as well as raise our daughter in the nurture and admonition of our Lord. What a special Bible this has been to me!
The last Bible that I received was after I graduated from Bible college. I remember seeing my dad use a slim-line Bible every time he taught in class at Bible college. He also used it at weddings and funerals. Any time he was in a teaching situation, he used it. I looked up to my dad very much. I thought it would be awesome to have one just like his. I was overjoyed that as a gift for graduating Bible college (and surviving his class in particular!), my dad gave me a slim-line teaching Bible! It is the Bible that I carry and use most often. The next time you see me at church, you will see me carrying it and using it. It has stickers in it that Kalee put there when she was very young. It has my favorite evangelist’s autograph, Tom Farrell. It has many sermon and lesson noted throughout just in case someone calls on me to preach at the spur of the moment! I love to teach with it. I love to study with it. It is by far my favorite one to keep with me wherever I go. The words seem to have shrunk over the years, but with the help of my glasses, the words remain just as powerful!
I am thankful for each of these 3 Bibles, but as I recall how I attained each one, I certainly have to be thankful for the families for which I have been a part. Do you want to make a lasting impact on someone’s life? Try this…give them a Bible!